British Artist 1880-1963


This site contains images of nearly 200 works by the artist A.R Barker, many of which are for sale.

Anthony Raine Barker (1880-1963), a British artist, was a prolific and highly-regarded watercolourist, printmaker and illustrator.

He became a painter in the traditional school of English watercolour as well as an engraver, lithographer and etcher. His most prolific period was between 1907 and 1927.

Most of the pictures here were discovered in an attic where they had lain for nearly 40 years. We hope you enjoy looking at them and finding out more about this fascinating man and his work.

Recent Exhibition

The University of Kent hosted an exhibition of artworks by A. R. Barker between January and March 2008. Click here to view the exhibition catalogue by The Revd Dr Stephen Laird.